How Do You Choose Your Next Destination?

Everyone has a destination, but we all have a different way of getting there.Muir Woods (2)

How you choose your next destination is not always an easy process although it can be wonderfully satisfying as you take the steps to decide.  We live in a special world which contains endless historical, beautiful and awe-inspiring memory-making places.  Whether you plan just one ‘vacation of a lifetime’ or are in the position to travel for pleasure often, planning the journey is many times ‘half the fun’!

You may not be aware of your travel ‘passion’ until you start experiencing the myriad of possibilities for travel.  Look at what you already know you like to do and then be open to additional suggestions, recommendations and options.  Talk with friends, family and co-workers, fellow-professionals, conduct online research.  Be open to most anything!



The ultimate in stress relief.  The destination is about relaxation, no schedule, no worries.  The destination takes care of you.  Think all-inclusive resorts, Hawaii, the Caribbean….



This type of travel  could be so many things, you just need your imagination, the drive and the energy.   Hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, trekking, canoeing, rafting, zip-lining, paragliding, mountain biking, diving and yes, the list goes on!


World Wonders

A relative handful of mankind’s creations possess the enduring worth to inspire us – generations of us.  Most world wonders stand as icons to which we are drawn such as the pyramids and Sphinx of Egypt, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu and the Roman Colosseum to name just a few.

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History & Culture

Explore the timeless treasures of Europe, from Italy’s art and architecture and the breathtaking scenery of Croatia and Iceland’s dramatic geological features to enjoying the festive music and colors of Spain and Portugal and the multitude of iconic sights and sounds of jolly old England.  Wear comfortable walking shoes, have your camera close at hand and dive into rich history and culture which may change the way you look at your world forever.


Big City Immersion

The United States boasts some renowned big cities.  Some would argue that this would include only New York City and San Francisco, but others include Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles on the list.  And we can’t dismiss our cities with big personalities, like New Orleans, Boston, Philadelphia and Seattle.  No matter your preference, you can certainly become immersed in one of our big cities!


Event and Festival Travel

A growing segment of the travel industry is Event and Festival Travel designed for the discerning traveler looking for unique and highly memorable experiences in some of the great cities of the world.  Would you like a bird’s high view of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona?  How about watching the Bastille Day festivities from your private VIP Penthouse Terrace for the Military Parade and a Private yacht dinner cruise on the Seine while watching the fireworks over the Eiffel Tower?  St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin?  Il Palio in Siena?

EuropeTrip2005 021

River Cruising

If you seek to explore our world through local cuisine, exposure to local talent and way of life, river cruising may be a good fit. Unlike ocean cruising, river cruise ships are much smaller giving you a more personal, relaxed experience.  But don’t think you will be bored on a river cruise!  Up early and off to see one, if not two towns or cities with the tours included in your cruise fare for itineraries on the rivers of Europe including the Rhine, the Moselle, the Danube and Douro to name a few.  Visit Provence or Burgundy in France.  Many choices, many ships!

EuropeTrip2005 078

In closing, we would like to say that travel and destination selection is a personal choice requiring insight, a thorough thought process and time spent on information gathering.  Yes, it can be enjoyable because there are so many amazing options but can also be overwhelming for the very same reason!   Plan, dream and travel on.

As Hans Christian Andersen wisely said, “To travel is to live.”


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