Carnival and Cruising are Back

Cruising has started up again after a prolonged absence and ever-changing challenges due to the evolving Covid-19 pandemic.  Are we there yet?  No, but one should hand it to the ownership and management of the cruise lines for stepping up to the plate and doing all they possibly can to get back to business-as-usual.  WeContinue reading “Carnival and Cruising are Back”

Beyond Beautiful – Norwegian Bliss

The last several decades have brought the traveling public an almost overwhelming number of new and spectacular cruise ships. With over 100 cruises taken and more than 75 cruise line sponsored inaugural events attended since starting in the travel industry back in 1993, my husband and I have seen plenty amazing ships but our impression ofContinue reading “Beyond Beautiful – Norwegian Bliss”

6 Must See Cities in Europe

For those of us fortunate to have had the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most fascinating cities, we don’t always appreciate how wonderful and eye-opening those escapes have been until we stop and think….. we’ve been there!     And yes, many of you reading this blog may have also traveled to these greatContinue reading “6 Must See Cities in Europe”

10 Reasons to Become a Home-Based Travel Agent

There are many reasons why a career in the travel industry can be fulfilling, rewarding and fun.  Here are our Top 10: 1.  You Have Always Wanted to Travel – Now is the time to start!  You can see the world.  Take time to study destinations, learn about cruise lines and tour operators, hotels &Continue reading “10 Reasons to Become a Home-Based Travel Agent”

Capturing Travel Memories with Photography

Taking pictures while traveling has never been so easy, so inexpensive and so popular.  Gone are the days when we must be selective on what shots to snap in order to ‘ration’ our film, thanks to digital photography.   Most travelers, with few exceptions, make their goal to capture the ambiance of where they are andContinue reading “Capturing Travel Memories with Photography”

Passport Requirements When You Cruise

This can be a confusing topic for most travelers , so here is information which provides  you with guidelines and recommendations the next time you plan to cruise. Basically, whether you are cruising the Caribbean and Bahamas on a popular ship like the Carnival Vista or taking a cultural European river cruise on the RhineContinue reading “Passport Requirements When You Cruise”

Grapes to Crepes

Enjoying Fine French Traditions A recent vacation to France took us to Paris for Bastille Day, and then on to the Champagne Region, Normandy and parts of Brittany.  We experienced the sophistication and architectural beauty of Paris, gained intriguing knowledge of how true Champagne has been lovingly developed and is being produced in this uniqueContinue reading “Grapes to Crepes”

How Do You Choose Your Next Destination?

Everyone has a destination, but we all have a different way of getting there. How you choose your next destination is not always an easy process although it can be wonderfully satisfying as you take the steps to decide.  We live in a special world which contains endless historical, beautiful and awe-inspiring memory-making places.  WhetherContinue reading “How Do You Choose Your Next Destination?”